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Introduction to Tissue Salts ~ exploring the benefits of tissue salts and where to find them in nature

This is the introduction to a much appreciated and anticipated guest post series by my dear Aunt Em, who is sharing her life experience and research around Tissue Salts. The “Salt of the Earth” series will include 12 posts, each covering an essential tissue salt conveniently numbered 1-12. We will explore each in detail and also provide suggested herbs, vegetables and fruit that contain the essential tissue salts together with interesting recipe ideas.

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Introduction to Tissue Salts

Many of us may have heard, or even used the expression “he/she is the salt of the earth” thereby implying a grounded person who can be depended on in times of trouble. Well, maybe there is more depth and truth to the expression than one may think. Because, it is a fact, that as human beings, we have the same salts in our bodies as can be found in the earth, to put it in simple terms.

Tissue Salts also called biochemical salts was first discovered by Dr Schuessler (1828 – 1898), who was a well-respected German physician. He discovered that when our bodies are reduced to ashes, there are 12 minerals found which are also in the rocks and soil of the earth. Biochemical salts form the basis of the body’s bone, blood, organs and muscles and are present in our food, if it is grown in organically, mineral rich soil.

So we have the salt of the earth in our bodies but, unfortunately, due to mineral depleted soils, stressful and unhealthy lifestyles, most of us are deficient in one or more of these mineral salts. But, the good news is that tissue salts are readily available in herbs, and vegetables grown preferably in mineral rich organic soil and as a supplement called Tissue Salts, from number 1 to number 12.

I was fortunate to receive a gift from a dear friend in 2006, a book entitled “Tissue Salts for Healthy Living” written by a well-known South African health, herbal and organic champion, Margaret Roberts. It was truly a life enriching gift and has been my constant go to guide whenever I have any niggling condition, ranging from hay fever, digestive problems, restless legs, bladder infection, ringing ears etcetera.

Through the years I have been able to experiment with the different tissue salts and have made all my friends disciples of the simple but effective healing elements found by using specific salts of the earth.

Some herbs and vegetables have more than one of these salts and by taking them daily, you ensure that you provide your body with what is necessary to make it function well. We will also look at some simple salads and tea recipes one can make with ingredients from your own herb garden.

The supplement of Tissue Salts can also be obtained from most pharmacies or health shops in tablet or liquid form – for example from HealthPost. The tablets contain minute parts of the tissue salts and one cannot overdose. It is put under the tongue and, can be taken every 30 minutes in acute cases of need be. One can purchase the individual numbers or combination of the salts.

So join us on a journey exploring the 12 Tissue Salts as we look at the benefits of these simple mineral salts so essential to the healthy function of our bodies and the many herbs, vegetables and fruit that can provide them.

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