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Goodness the GoodnessMe Subscription Box is definitely a fabulous gift idea

Wondering how to add variety to your weekly shopping list and also thinking of moving to more eco-friendly or sustainable brands? Introducing the GoodnessMe Box which is excellent value for money and contains no cheap nasties, ever! The whole subscription box experience is really about discovery, so you won’t know in advance what you’re going … continue reading

Official launch with ECO. Diffuser Blends Collection giveaway

After months of preparation, long hours in front of the computer, sleepless nights and a whole myriad of anxieties about the state of the world in 2020 and my own future… I’m ready to officially launch Botanical Bliss Marketplace. It feels a bit like planting a seed of potential in the garden of life, turning … continue reading

Learn to make your own botanical perfume

Many of us actively choose good food options such as avoiding GMO’s and artificial ingredients. We also select natural skincare options where possible. Are you also becoming weary of the toxicity or perhaps even allergic to synthetic fragrances? Did you know that many of the chemicals in synthetic fragrances are derived from petrochemicals? The US … continue reading

Flower Essences made in nature’s laboratory

What are flower essences? Flower essences or remedies are liquid infusions of specific flowers, usually prepared in a ritualised way at home through sun steeping; or bought from a reputable brand. Using the healing properties of flower essences is an ancient study and art. The benefits were rediscovered and introduced by Dr. Bach, originally using ... continue reading
Range Of Botanical Product Types

You’ve probably heard the phrase, yet still wondering what are botanicals?

Natural skincare and homeware is now the new normal and growing; along with the latest “superfood” trends – from moringa leaves, acai berries to hemp. The demand for natural, organic and plant based foods and products are not slowing down. Yet some may still be wondering what the difference is between a botanical, organic and … continue reading