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Did you know that the power to heal is within you... and all around you in the natural world? Since the dawn of humanity, people in every corner of the planet have used what was immediately accessible to heal themselves — botanical treatments. We are unique. We don't use chemically derived herbal extracts. At Pharma Botanica we earn your trust three steps at a time. Step One: Raw Material Sourcing. At Pharma Botanica we believe the medicinal plant is a it’s potent when it is sourced from it’s country of origin.We scour the world acquiring only the best ingredients. Step Two: Formulas that are efficacious. Our staff science team formulates our products with a relentless commitment to ingredient purity and potency. That’s why our customers trust Pharma Botanica medicinals to deliver proven, repeatable results. Step Three: Pharmaceutical Grade manufacturing Pharma Botanica products are made at a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved and audited facility, under conditions and guidelines that meet the most stringent global regulation.  

Store Highlights

  • Pure Plant Based Naturopathic Remedies
  • Extract free! Which means chemical-free
  • Botanical Broad Spectrum Healthcare
  • Range of Herbal Supplements
  • Approved by The Therapeutic Goods Administration and made in a Pharmaceutical Grade Facility

Pharma Botanica is rare. We only use 100% of plants. We are extract free! Which means chemical-free. No Extract Equivalents or Standardised Extracts are in any of our Naturopathic Remedies. Let your food be your medicine.

We have a strong belief, here at Pharma Botanica, that nature has always provided us with the answers. There is no need to alter or concentrate what the planet already grows for us in abundant supply to keep us and, other living creatures healthy.  We also share DNA with plants.

The use of medicinal herbs for human healing can be traced back as far as 8,000 B.C during the stone age. Even Chimpanzees have been seen to self-select medicinal herbs for relief of disease.

Herbalism is the natural therapy of choice for people concerned with the preservation of the whole planet. Humanity itself exists in the context of the entire planet. All these levels work together in a dynamic integrated system.

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