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We believe mushrooms have the power to shape a new future ~ one in which we live in full harmony with our beautiful planet. Mushrooms hold the keys.
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Ryan Creed and Julian Mitchell co-founded Life Cykel in 2015 after discovering how to grow gourmet mushrooms from waste coffee grounds. Leaving their health profession jobs in the WA mines, they set out on a mission to inspire new attitudes towards food production, waste products and mushrooms. Their grow kits are designed to easily to grow your own produce, no matter where you live and how much growing experience you have.  Their mushroom drink mixes make it easy for you to add mushrooms to your daily routine in a delicious way. Choose from Cacao Reishi, Lion's Mane Latte, Mushroom Coffee or Golden Lion's Mane Chai. You can also find the best Liquid Mushroom Extracts at Life Cykel.

Store Highlights

  • Mushroom Grow Kits
  • Mushroom Drink Mixes
  • Mushroom Powders
  • Mushroom Vegan Protein Powder
  • Liquid Extract Value Packs
  • Bee Pollination Grow Kit
  • Excellent Blog with Mushroom Recipes + More

We strongly encourage you to utilise PubMed for discovering some incredible scientific literature on the benefits of functional mushrooms.