Cooper and Gracie

A UK based online retailer that specialises in selling 100% Natural and Cruelty Free Pet Grooming, Cleaning and Pest Treatments.
Natural Suppliements For Dogs Natural Dog Treatment Range Natural And Cruelty Free Dog Range


We proudly manufacture, formulate and develop all our 100% natural products from our UK base. Our views are that high quality, sustainably sourced and safe product is what people should demand and expect in today's modern day world. We are a Proud Cruelty Free, Plant Based and Environmentally Aware company that is set up with strong social and ethical influences. Cooper and Gracie sell a vast range of pet products which include - Dog Shampoo's, Horse Shampoo's, Cleaning Products, Colognes, Finishing Sprays, Paw and Skin Balms, Supplements, Treats and much more.

Store Highlights

  • 100% Natural and Gruelty Free
  • Natural Supplements
  • Dog Care Range
  • Cat Care Range
  • Horse & Pony Care Range
  • Natural Garden & Lawn Care
  • Tick and Flea Prevention
  • Natural Essential Oils Safe for Pets