Botanical Skin Care Course

Learn To Make Your Own Skin Care Product


Holistic practices of skin care and cosmetic adornment are as ancient as humankind’s longtime association of beauty with health and vitality. We welcome you to join us in this maker’s quest, and discover these practices and tried-and-tested recipes for yourself!

Store Highlights

  • Discover holistic skin care practices and recipes
  • Grab your copy of the Botanical Skin Care Recipe Book to go along with your studies, featuring 194 Herbal Academy-approved herbal skin care recipes
  • Students will have 1 year to complete the course from the date that they press the Start Course button
  • The Botanical Skin Care Course covers tutorials for bath products and steams; body scrubs, cleansers, toners, and masks; compresses and poultices; creams, lotions, and body butters; deodorants; gels and serums; hair care products; hydrosols and sprays; infused oils and salves; soaps and lotion bars; and internal recipes like teas, tinctures, and delicious meals.

Embark on an exciting skin care journey in the Herbal Academy’s online Botanical Skin Care Course! As you’ll soon discover, your skin is your largest organ, and it’s important to overall health in so many ways. This delicate system is often overlooked in our total body care regimen, but the health and appearance of our skin can have a big impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Through this course, you will explore the skin on a cellular and functional level—who would have thought our skin does so much for us and that it is connected to so many other body systems?

You will get a robust foundation in skin health, including anatomy and function, as well as nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you better understand the practices that influence the health of your skin. We’ll be looking at the INSIDE of the body (not just the skin!)—learning ways that our organ systems affect skin health. This is an inside-out approach to skin care that is so crucial to our health as a whole.

The very best part of this program, of course, is the recipes! This course includes over 200 recipes! So roll up your sleeves, let us take all the stress and uncertainty away, while you get ready to get your hands busy in the kitchen!

The Botanical Skin Care course outline:

Unit 1: Course Introduction; Anatomy of the Skin; Functions of the Skin

Unit 2: Skin care from the inside

Unit 3: Making herbal body care products. Choosing Ingredients; Making Vinegars, Hydrosol, Oils, and Salves; Bath Products; Creams and Lotions; Herbal Gels; Herbal Soaps; Hair Care and Cosmetics

Unit 4: Skin care from outside . Dive deep into the fundamental concepts and specific herbal approaches for maintaining skin health and supporting both chronic and acute skin conditions.

Watch, listen, read, play, and experiment your way through the Botanical Skin Care Course and Sign Up today.