After months of preparation, long hours in front of the computer, sleepless nights and a whole myriad of anxieties about the state of the world in 2020 and my own future… I’m ready to officially launch Botanical Bliss Marketplace. It feels a bit like planting a seed of potential in the garden of life, turning self doubt into compost. I’ve learned that in the face of adversity once must create ~ be creative in finding ways to defy negativity.  Somewhere I saw this line… “there is no hope without action” – so this is me taking action I suppose in pursuit of HOPE.

My aim is to create a useful and inviting resource and build a community around the things I love and find most fascinating – good old fashioned natural products with floral, botanical and herbal ingredients, and clever innovations made with age old, soulful wisdom.

Who can not be intrigued by the beauty and wonder found in flowers and plants, not to mention the vast array of beneficial resources the natural world provides and blissful moments of joy they bring. Be it the aroma of my current favourite essential oil blend, the satisfaction of a gorgeous new herbal tea, the peace of mind that comes from using natural skincare & haircare products or the joy of picking edible flowers and herbs from the garden.

But there are also an increasing amount of spectacularly innovative natural and organic brands out there and it becomes harder and harder to choose. So I’ve resolved myself to seek and explore what they offer and in turn make it easier for you to discover them too. I passionately believe in working for and supporting businesses who value purpose alongside profit. So I figured why not also help them get found!

Ultimately I would love to think that there will be an income stream available from this work which will also allow me to in turn support and donate to TreeSisters and other worthwhile environmental causes. Because everyone has a role to play.

In the near term I will be looking to invite independent brands, makers and producers to join Botanical Bliss and open their store on the marketplace. If you represent a business and wondering what’s involved please have a look at the Why Join page. For the moment most product listings in the shop section are from approved affiliate partners which you can still buy direct of course. Watch this space 🙂

So here’s to new beginnings! Thank you for visiting and please have a look around the product Collections or else peruse the Fab Finds Directory.

Of course I am also very grateful for the sponsored launch campaign prize made available from ECO. Modern Essentials – a Gold Coast based wellness brand specialising in 100% pure essential oils and blends to support overall health and wellbeing.

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