What are flower essences?

Flower essences or remedies are liquid infusions of specific flowers, usually prepared in a ritualised way at home through sun steeping; or bought from a reputable brand.

Using the healing properties of flower essences is an ancient study and art. The benefits were rediscovered and introduced by Dr. Bach, originally using predominantly English flowering plants. Many will know the original Bach Flower Remedies including the most famous Rescue Remedy. Over the years similar formulas have been developed extending beyond the original 38 types of flowers including indigenous flowers from various regions.

Today there are a number of varied benefits of flower essences in everyday use to increase the quality of life, health and relationships. Flower remedies contain subtle properties and are believed to not only address physical illness but reaches over into the metaphysical or human psyche to help transform emotions and attitudes. It is a practice used by many people in diverse circumstances as a supplement to various types of health therapies.

It is believed that each flowering plant carries specific positive qualities in line with the plant archetypes; which are also found in the human psyche. Therefore flower essences can act as a catalyst for positive change, help one feel more confident or creative, have more focus or clarity or being more forgiving.

What Are Flower Essences

How to use flower essences

Flower essences are commonly taken orally, usually from a dropper bottles. It can be taken directly by placing drops under your tongue or mixing it with water and drinking it. They are also effective when used in baths or topical applications.

When preparing flower essences there are different levels of dilution including the mother essence, which is derived from fresh blossoms infused in a bowl of spring water place directly in the morning sun (sun steeping). This infusion is then further diluted to the stock level or dosage level which is the end product.

These can be dabbed directly onto the skin, use it as a spray or mist, put a few drops in your lotion or shampoo.

Flower essences are safe and can be used by children and even animals as they generally have no fragrance, dye or flavour so there is very low risk of reaction to any substance.

There are a number of quality brands other than Bach on the market today. For example Lotuswei or Flower Essence Society from the USA. In Australia you also have the Australian Bush Flower Essences developed by Ian White, Alaskan Essences

If you are curios to learn what the flowers you’re most attracted to say about you take the Lotuswei quiz developed by Katie Hess to reveal your personal answer. It’s quite fun and insightful too.

If you would like to learn more, here are some additional resources you may like:

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