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We love everything botanical! But hey, what does it mean…

Botanical = products and ingredients pertaining to, made from, or containing plants; or the study of plants. Learn more

We bring together all things botanical across various sectors and product categories. Be it items available from independent brands, local retailers, florists, nurseries, artisans, small businesses or services. The natural, plant, floral & herbal world is a beautiful gift and invitation to learn to align with a more natural way of life. We celebrate all of these!

Only launching in October 2020, we are a small yet growing community who share the love and wonder of naturals and botanicals. From herbal teas, natural skincare to independent growers of flowers and plants. We bring together products, books and workshop as well as useful information in our blog posts. The online marketplace offers a cost effective platform for our small business partners to grow their sales and get their brand found.

Where I started and how we are hoping to grow

You have probably heard people say: “follow your passion and you will never have to work a day in your life?” In the tumultuous year of 2020, where a lot of things got turned upside down, this was the only option remaining for me – to follow my passion and take steps towards realising my dream. My dream isn’t flamboyant or out of the ordinary. Rather, it is relatively down to earth and soul-centred I would say.

My dream involves a creating small herb farm and beautiful edible garden for the public to visit and enjoy too. I’m also passionate about growing herb plants and making handmade herbal products for sale. Yet without the prospect of owning a peace of this earth at this moment in time, I’ve started small, with a backyard herb nursery I call Viv’s Herbery. To me it is definitely not work to plant seeds and nurture seedlings, tend my herb garden or experiment with making herbal products. It feels like the most natural and sensible thing to do.

Yet, to make a living from one’s passion is often the most challenging part. Going it alone is never easy. With my skills in online marketing – creating a marketplace seemed the best thing to do. Collaborating and supporting other small businesses and people with passion, building a network of related brands.

The idea is to create a special interest community and marketplace for other independent sellers, growers, producers, makers of handmade things, brands and individuals with a shared passion for botanical products.

Hence the name – Botanical Bliss – as it is truly is a joyful and mystical world of plants which we are rediscovering – a botanical revolution is under way.

Here’s how you can partner with us:

In time there will also be advertising opportunities and give customers the option to be featured on our direct email campaigns.

Botanical Bliss

Taking a stand for the trees

We hold our natural world in very high regard and our primary focus is in supporting business who share those values with eco-friendly plant based or related products. We also take a stand for trees in support of TreeSisters. As we grow we also commit to donating a percentage of the proceeds from this site to TreeSisters – because everyone has a role to play in the restoration of our planet and our forests.